Private and Secure Browsers to Keep Your Data Safe


A secure browser that protects your privacy is absolutely essential for staying safe online and keeping your data secure from third parties.

Unless properly configured, most browsers contain vast amounts of private information that can potentially be exploited – or simply collected – by third parties:

  • Browsing history: all the websites you visit
  • Login credentials: usernames and passwords
  • Cookies and trackers: these are placed on your browser by the sites you visit
  • Autofill information: names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Here are the most secure and private browsers for 2019:

1. Tor Browser

This super-secure browser is the cornerstone of any privacy toolkit

Highly effective privacy protection
Very simple to use
Can unblock censored websites

Tor Browser is probably the best-known anonymous browsing tool out there, and it is described as a ‘censorship circumvention tool’.

Tor Browser has a vast following in the online privacy and security communities. It works by bouncing your communication through numerous encrypted nodes on the internet, making it impossible to determine your location or other identifying information.

Tor Browser employs complex technology, but is refreshingly accessible. It’s based on the same code as Firefox, and guides you through the process of getting online one step at a time.

It uses different connection methods depending on what you’re trying to achieve, but there’s no need to understand the details because it’s all taken care of for you. This combination of effective protection and ease of use makes Tor Browser the best free privacy software you can download today.

2.Brave browser

Brave browser is making a name for itself among those who are interested in privacy because it is giving users a safe, fast, and private browsing experience. Brave prides itself on being more than a new type of browser. Their goal is to revolutionize the way that people think about the Internet. As an open sourced browser, it has a vibrant team of individuals working on it that are privacy and performance focused. Brave was founded by the co-founder of Mozilla and the inventor of JavaScript.

What Makes Brave Run

Brave is an open-source project built on Chromium. This means that the same backend technologies used to make Chrome work, such as the V8 JavaScript engine and the Blink rendering engine, will work with Brave.

brave preferences

When it is run on iOS, Brave uses WebKit, the power behind Apple Safari browser.

What Makes Brave Different?

It is the attitude with which Brave aggressively opposes ads. Its business model is based on blocking ads and replacing those with ads from its network.

Brave has gotten rid of all ad trackers. However, what Brave has not removed is ads within search results. This includes AdWords advertisements within Google results. By eliminating ads, Brave is downloading a lot less content from a website that other browsers that are not using an ad blocking extension.

brave platform

The company swears that it does not and will never store user’s data on their servers.

Download Brave here

3. Privoxy

Privoxy gives you total control, but the options might be overwhelming

Wide range of platforms supported
Great for those who want low-level configuration
Not so beginner-friendly

Privoxy is a web proxy tool that’s available not only for Mac, Windows and Linux, but also Android and iOS. It is a tremendously powerful tool, but you’ll need to invest a little time and effort to get it up and running.

Privoxy can be used in conjunction with just about any web browser, which is a big bonus; simply set the browser to run its traffic through the tool.

However, one of Privoxy’s key features could also be a drawback for new users: it gives you very granular control over privacy settings, and configuring them is very much a manual process. There’s a helpful quick start guide available, but it has the potential to be off-putting.

That said, if you’re happy to persevere, this free privacy software lets you set up advanced filters that will not only ensure you remain anonymous online, but also protect you against unwanted ads.

Download Privoxy here

4. Waterfoxis 

Waterfoxis an open-source web browser that’s based on Firefox and adapted for 64-bit operating systems.

It’s priorities are to be speedy and ethical, and maintain support for legacy extensions dropped by Firefox. There are official releases for 64-bit Windows (including a portable version), macOS, 64-bit Linux and 64-bit Android.

In the name of improving security for users, the desktop versions will periodically check for browser updates by connecting to Waterfox servers. The browser will also periodically connect to Mozilla to protect you from malicious add-ons.

It’s also important to note that webpage data is run through Google’s SafeBrowsing service, although you can opt out of the service if you wish.

For a full explanations of the all the privacy and security features click here.


5.SRWare Iron Browser

SRWare Iron logoSRWare Iron browser markets themselves as the browser of the future. Their focus is on maintaining privacy and security. Like many of the browsers we have reviewed, SRWare Iron implements Chromium. It is available for free on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Some of the features that make it private and secure include:

  • It will not track downloads or installations of the browser
  • It won’t provide updates in the background, such as those seen with Google Chrome
  • It offers a customizable user agent
  • It will not generate a program installation ID

What Makes SRWare Iron Browser Unique?

Privacy is what sets SRWare Iron apart from mainstream browsers like Google Chrome. Here are some examples:


Depending on how you configure Google Chrome, when you put something in the address bar, the information is sent to Google and helps them provide suggestions. This is non-existent with SRWare Iron.

Alternate Error Pages

Depending on how you configure Google Chrome, if you type in an incorrect address in the address bar, this information is sent to Google, and they send you back an error message. SRWare Iron browser does not do this.

Ad Blocker

Chrome does not come equipped with a built in AdBlocker. SRWare Iron browser does. Their Adblocker can be easily configured by a single file.

These are just a few of the features it has. SRWare Iron browser deals with:

  • User Agent
  • Preview Thumbs
  • Google Updater
  • URL Tracker
  • RL Z Tracking
  • Error Reporting